Bula and welcome to our ‘For Sale by Owner’ website.

Bula and welcome to our ‘For Sale by Owner’ website.

My wife Oni and I have lived in Fiji for the past 20 years and both our children have been born here. The majority of our time in Fiji has been spent living in Pacific Harbour which is a resort development established in the 70’s with its own self-contained village feel to it. We are fortunate to have all necessary facilities on our door step including bank, post office, school, doctor, police post, supermarkets and various shops. There are hotel resorts and restaurants in walking distance based on one of Fiji’s best beaches. All this is just 45 minutes from the capitol city of Suva and approx. 2 hours from Nadi and our International airport.

Whilst Pacific Harbour will always be home to us we have accumulated various properties over the years which are now surplus to our requirements. These properties have been purchased over a number of years with our accumulated local knowledge of the area and all of them represent a great investment and lifestyle opportunity!

Please feel free to email or call me for any required information we are here to answer your questions



Property Development 

Warehouse & Head Office

PO Box 643, Deuba, Fiji Islands

Lot 49 Makosoi Road, Deuba


Villa 716, Nokonoko Circle+ 2 extra lots, all Freehold properties

USD $985,000

*FJD $2,000,000

Villa 934 & Lot 935 Package Deal (for both), Quarter acre lots

USD $340,000

*FJD $695,000

LOT 66, Mala Circle, 3 ½ acres. (14,164 square meters)

USD $850,000

*FJD $1,730,000

Lot 719 & 720, Total of 1,810 square metres of Freehold land

USD $285,000

*FJD $580,000

Industrial Freehold Lots, 49/1 , 49/2 , 49/3, corner of Vonu & Makosoi Road

from USD $760k

*FJD $1,550,000 vep

* Currency conversion is subject to change